One of a kind: a tribute to Donncha

Ní bheidh a leithead ann arís!*  268 caps for Munster over 17 seasons, 94 caps for Ireland, a legend in his own (infamous) red underpants, a consummate professional, a family man and a humanitarian, a joker, a gentleman, ever ready to meet and greet supporters, proud to represent his province and his country.

Donncha has a close bond with the supporters, here he gives them the thumbs up on a lap of honour

Donncha has a close bond with the supporters, here he gives them the thumbs up on a lap of honour after setting the record for the most appearances for Munster in February 2014.  Photo by Daryl Feehely

There was a real sense of shock and disbelief when the news of his imminent departure broke on Wednesday.  It is hard to imagine him wearing another club’s jersey or to believe that we will never see him sprinting on to the Munster pitch again!  His enthusiasm has never waned, if anything it has increased as his opportunities for game-time decreased.  We would often comment about him keeping himself warmed up during games when he was a substitute to ensure he was 100% ready whenever he was called upon.  And boy did he love to be called upon, sprinting from the bench to get straight into the action!  His professional approach to his fitness, diet and preparation are well-known and it is this which fuels his belief that his career is not coming to a close so when offered a two-year deal at newly promoted Worcester instead of just the remaining season on his contract at Munster he decided to back himself and move there.  I believe he has a lot to offer and hope he enjoys the Premiership as Peter Stringer has done.  Maybe he will go on to have as long a career as Brad Thorn who only retired recently at 40, maybe he will play on for even longer!

Superb photo by Conor Wyse from the Grenoble game in August as he congratulates Darren Sweetnam on his try wearing his UNICEF gumshield

Superb photo by Conor Wyse from the Grenoble game in August as he congratulates Darren Sweetnam on his try wearing his UNICEF gumshield

I love this photo which I saw on Twitter recently, taken by Conor Wyse at the pre-season friendly against Grenoble.  HIs genuine delight for one of the younger players – Darren Sweetnam – who scored a lovely try that night, his big smile, and the UNICEF gumshield to promote an organisation for which he is proud to be an Ambassador.  Indeed earlier this week before the news broke he was sending tweets from his visit to Syrian refugee camps.

I wrote a tribute to Donncha in February 2014 on the occasion of his 241st and record-breaking cap which I reblogged this week but I think he deserves a dedicated piece as regular readers will know that he is one of the few Munster players with whom I have had a conversation.  I met him after he lined out with the A team in Donnybrook last October and when I had the pleasure of chatting with him a few weeks later, queueing through security at Manchester airport after the Sale game he told that he believed in giving the same effort to the A team as to the senior team as he remembered his own time trying to show his potential in the A team when some of the more senior players were disinterested.   I remember that I had been impressed by young Rory Scannell from the A game and he was full of praise for Rory who has gone on to play with the seniors and even at the Tbilisi Cup last summer.  We also chatted about Hallowe’en outfits and Christmas puddings, it was a slow-moving queue and he was good company!

My first chat with him was also at an airport, that time in Edinburgh after the disappointment of the loss in the European game (Oct 2013) and that brief encounter inspired me to name that blog Humility

Even in the recent pre-season friendlies I noted in this blog how he got the biggest cheer when the team was being announced, how he led the attempted charge down of the Grenoble conversions and of the big queue post that match as supporters waited to pose for photos with him.  In my recent blog covering the Q&A with Paul O’Connell in August when Paulie was asked who was the second row he most enjoyed playing with he paid such a glowing tribute to Donncha.  Brothers-in-arms for so many games, he respected the professionalism and great attitude of Donncha, especially those weeks when he is not selected for the team.  In the Irish Examiner Paul is quoted as saying: “I just think when goes over there he will blow them away with his attitude to training. He’s a total, consummate team man, puts the team ahead of himself all the time and his values from a family perspective and as a friend perspective are second to none.”

A youthful DOC, taken at RWC 2003

A youthful DOC, taken at RWC 2003

This tribute could not be complete without the iconic moment when Donncha’s shorts were torn and he decided to play on without any rather than wear a pair of the “wrong” type (elasticized versus draw string).

His first tweet brought a smile

His first tweet brought a smile

His line-out prowess is well-known as is his appreciation from an early stage of the value of video analysis which has made him a potent force in competing for the other team’s throws.


Ready to soar high into the air, 100% focused on the job. Photo by Daryl Feehely from Mun v Uls

The 42.ie put together 7 favourite moments over the years, from the driving Chabal back at pace, to one of his memorable long distance tries at Leicester, the shorts incident and his manic celebrations after the miracle match  – worth checking it out here
The outpouring of tributes and best wishes to Donncha can be viewed on Twitter searching the hashtag #FarewellDonncha
We all have many good memories of Donncha over the years. Feel free to share yours in the comments section.

*Ní bheidh a leithead ann arís! translates as we won’t see the like of him here again!

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“Finally I would like to thank the Munster supporters – for over 17 years you have lifted me to play beyond myself and I look forward to going back and joining you in my first role with Munster, as a supporter.” – from the official notice of his departure.

Added Sat: the raw honesty in his interview in the Examiner on Sept 5 is worth reading here

Tweet from Munster Rugby - the joker in the pack has everyone smiling!

Tweet from Munster Rugby – the joker in the pack has everyone smiling!

Final word to Oscar?  Seems like there is only room for 1 joker and he still holds a grudge from being flattened by Donncha in Tralee some time ago!

Oscar is still holding a grudge from this incident in Tralee RFC

Oscar is still holding a grudge from this incident in Tralee RFC


14 comments on “One of a kind: a tribute to Donncha

  1. From Twitter:
    Damien: a brilliant brilliant piece the big man will get great solace from that piece , hit the nail on the head . #FarewellDonncha #SUAF
    Marsha:Really lovely tribute couldn’t have said it better myself
    Ciaran: Fabulous read Gayl. Well done.
    Eoghan: just read Donncha blog and loved it. You got him and that loping hurried run into the game – thanks.
    Gerry: one great memory – Young DOC tearing into Martin Johnson at a lineout. The look on MJ’s face just said “Who’s this bloody lunatic?”

    From Munsterfans: Well done -articulating very nicely the warm respect we all have for DOC. He’ll be brilliant at Worcester.

    • My favourite memory of doc in his beloved red shirt is in the grudge match against castres in beziers ,the physical nature of that game had to be seen close up to be believed. A young second row had to pack down at blindside ,and his previous games at 6 had left a few doubts as to whether he could survive at this level……..But by god did he survive ,he cut down everything in sight and went on to greater things.And always a gentleman to our supporters.

  2. Well done Gayl, a mighty piece for a mighty man.

  3. Great piece Gayl – I was hoping you’d do something. He’ll be missed. But what a contributor to the Munster cause, and he was central to all the great moments.

  4. They won’t be in the top ten of all time but there’s two main memories of Donncha for me. In November 2013 I attended my first Thomond game. Whilst the ref needed a replay for something Donncha had already made his mind up and marched down the pitch much to the delight of everyone in the West Stand to where we would take the penalty. He was right to!

    My other is personal. Wearing my Munster top at Twickenham for England v Barbarians in June 2014 as an Englishman I got some funny looks cheering his every touch and standing to applaud when he was replaced. As we all know it can be tough to meet our hero’s. I worked out I could walk from my seat and get near the dug out. I approached him (much to the delight of the steward) and asked for a photo and got him to sign my ticket for my two girls. A comical selfie was taken and my trip to London was worth it!

    Will certainly be making the trip back home to Worcestershire to watch him play. Of course in my Munster jersey!

    • Thanks Rob. I remember that penalty! I believe I wrote about it at the time. He certainly is Mr Approachable & I felt he ran interference for the others like the first time I spoke to him after Edinburgh loss. Read he did it with the media also. A mighty man indeed!

  5. Great article on a great player and gentleman of our wonderful game.Was fortunate to meet him on his games in Wales and he always had time to talk to the Munster and opposition support. Worcester have signed a real jem.

    • Thanks Peter. He had a great rapport with supporters and his humility shone through when I met him after the Edinburgh game as I wrote and also in his interview in the Examiner but he was always good for a laugh also. An irreplaceable character

  6. DOC was always my favourite Munster player and my favourite story was an “Ireland” one rather than a Munster one (although the memory of the shortless lineout always makes me smile).

    When I came down from cloud 9 in 2009 when we had won the Grand Slam, I read the acres of newsprint about the whole tournament. The day after THAT match in Cardiff was Mothering Sunday and I was very moved to read that DOC had given his mother a very special Mother’s Day present – his GS medal. Top man.

  7. Great to read this again.I’m very proud to have his match shirt v The Scarlets on March 1st 2014 framed on my wall. Hoping he gets a great reception that he deserves tonight. And hope you enjoy tonight’s game looking forward to the coming seasons blogs.

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