Not a rugby blog – nominated for a Liebster Award


#RugbyUnited have been very supportive of my blogging efforts, helping me build my readership and twitter followers through their network via @RUMunsterRugby @RugbyIre, @RugbyUlster_ @rugbyunitedBLOG and #rugbyunited Mr Trevor Large himself!  This week Rich Church-Keen whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the pre-season friendly in Gloucester in August (along with Trevor and Gemma) nominated me for a Liebster Award. http://blog.rugbyunited.info/2015/02/the-liebster-award/

Never having heard of it before I have since discovered that the Liebster award is passed on from blog to blog to help others discover new blogs and bloggers.

The rules are, you give a few facts about yourself, then you answer questions set by the person that nominated you, then you nominate other bloggers and set some questions for them. So here we go…

Facts about me:

  • My love of rugby started at an early age, I remember watching the 5 Nations with my Dad who played with Thurles RFC in his youth.  Given he was only ever about 9 stone he was generally a back but he said when they were stuck for players he could end up in the pack!  Thurles may be the “home” of the Gaelic Athletic Association but there are plenty of Munster supporters there also.
  • Living and working for 2 years in Nepal as a volunteer, teaching food technology in the 90s was quite an experience.  My old letters and diaries are providing the content to write my memoirs of that experience and are coming along slowly in another blog which can be found at: http://mysamjhana.wordpress.com/2013/06/
  • I studied Agriculture and Food Engineering in UCD and worked for 5 years in the food industry in the UK before heading to Nepal.  On my return I changed career direction when I went to work for a multi-national in the IT sector in Dublin. I love technology which is why I choose Engineering originally, and enjoy seeing how some of those “mad” ideas they came up with in Star Trek are becoming part of everyday life!

Answers to Rich’s questions:

1 – What made you start blogging? When I lived in Nepal in the early 90’s I wrote lengthy letters home describing the place, people and events there. This was before the internet and mobile phones so letters were the only way to communicate with home given that a 3 minute phone call cost 2 days wages! My mother kept all my letters and I had my diaries and a vague notion of writing it all up so when I saw a class advertised in UCD for “Creative Writing of Fact” it sounded like a good fit for what I wanted to achieve. At one of those classes the first ever WTView was “born” and a friend encouraged me to share it.  I am glad I did and that my fears about cyber bullying have thankfully not materialised.

2 – What about blogging do you find so rewarding? The challenge of trying to capture the atmosphere and the adrenalin of a game; the positive comments like when someone says it felt like they were there or they couldn’t put it down…  I enjoy meeting my readers and building a sense of community with them or seeing the regular hits from my Cork reader in Qatar/Bahrain while I get a kick out of seeing what search terms result in hits to my blog.  The most bizarre search term to date has to be “Piri Weepu’s lung capacity” but I do wonder what the person searching for “pretty Munster supporters” was looking for :-).

3- Away from rugby, what are your interests?  I enjoy going to the movies, particularly the science fiction genre like Star Trek/Star Wars, the Avengers, the Hunger Games, but recently I enjoyed Birdman and The Theory of Everything.  Music – not just singing SUAF and FoA – has always been a part of my life, I am looking forward to going to the 25th anniversary concert by The Frames in July.  Traveling (rugby related and otherwise) and writing about that on my other blog also takes up some time!

4- Do you have any grand ambitions for your writing? Not as a career but if someone called up with a great offer I would be interested!  Maybe ghost writer for one of my heroes Peter Stringer 🙂

5- Best book you’ve ever read? How can you pick one? “Pride and Prejudice” is a favourite and from the rugby side Alan English’s “Stand Up and Fight: When Munster Beat the All Blacks” is a great read from the rugby and social commentary perspective.

6- Favourite place you’ve visited?  Nepal stands out because I lived there for 26 months, speak the language and love the people.  When I go back I am treated like royalty by my past pupils!  Hawaii was a brilliant holiday and a place I would love to go back to, as is New Zealand which I visited along with Australia for RWC2003.

7- Who’s going to win the rugby world cup? Head says New Zealand as they are always favourites but my heart says Ireland.

8- Do you follow other sports? My niece’s camogie and my nephew’s golf!  I love the big occasions like the Olympics, Ryder Cup and every summer I support Tipperary in their quest for All Ireland glory.


Thanks again to Rich for the nomination.  So now it is my turn to nominate some of my favourite bloggers.  As Rich also nominated one of them –David Shute: rugbyoldbloke.wordpress.com – I am nominating

Eileesh Buckley http://ebuckleyphotoblog.net/,

JL Pagano (Harpin’ on Rugby) http://www.harpinonrugby.net and

Hugh Foyle http://hfoylerugbywriter.blogspot.ie/?view=magazine.

Their mission should they decide to accept it is to answer these questions on their blogs and to pass on their nominations:

  1. How did you get into rugby and blogging about it?
  2. What was your favourite feedback which your blog has received to date?
  3. Best sports movie you’ve ever seen and why?
  4. Favourite stadium you’ve visited?
  5. Who are your favourite players from past and current generations?
  6. What sports event would you most like to attend or to have attended if in the past?
  7. Who’s going to win the Six Nations?
  8. Outside of rugby, what are your interests?


So back to my normal content next week when Munster welcome Cardiff to Cork and I will check out the new Red Shed. In the meantime enjoy the Six Nations and best of luck to Ireland!


5 comments on “Not a rugby blog – nominated for a Liebster Award

  1. Congrats and rightly deserved. It’s always a treat to read your latest blog. Looking for the next instalment of the Nepalese adventure.

  2. WAHEY !!! thanks for the mention!!!

  3. Hi Gayl .. Even though I’ve known you since we were in Junior Infants, I learned a few new facts from this blog!!!! Go girl!

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