Voting completed to select a winner for the (prizeless) blog post title competition

Thanks to those who took the opportunity to enter the first and probably the last competition to be run by the WestTerraceView!  Making you trawl through three blogs was a feat worthy of a prize but unfortunately per rule 12 on the back of the ticket I am not allowed to use any ticket sourced through MRSC for a prize.  They are only to be used for family and friends to avoid falling into the hands of touts etc.  I have already contacted the entrants and advised them of the situation and removed the competition from the blog site.  Lesson learnt the hard way.

However I still need a title for the blog about the Leinster game so I would appreciate your support in naming the blog – since people took the time to enter, they may as well have some glory / recognition.  I have narrowed down the entrants to the following shortlist and voting is open from now until Wednesday at 9pm.
I have to say I like these four finalists for different reasons – in no order of priority, just alphabetical by submitter – and in the poll it is a random order so will differ from voter to voter.

  • “Doris’s Day” made me laugh out loud, such a clever use of words that really works if you have read the blog so Ed obviously had!
  • “Flags & flames on show in a full-blooded provincial fixture‏” was the first entry received and it really grew on me as it tied in well with the photos and storyline about that particular game so nice one Kate.
  • “Struck down by BOD” definitely applied to the day and result that was in it as suggested by Martin.
  • “A Blue win but not all blue for Munster‏” definitely reflected the glass half full approach I like to take on the blog so a very apt suggestion from Matthew.

The poll site only allows one vote per device (computer/phone.. – based on a unique IP address) but since there is no prize on offer other than glory I don’t expect any suspicious voting patterns.  However your vote will count as few enough will take the time to offer an opinion.
Apologies again to all concerned, it was an honest mistake on my part and I do understand the MRSC policy, I just wish I had been aware of it before I came up with this not so cunning plan to boost readership. Gayl

Terms & Conditions of ticket sale by Munster Rugby

Terms & Conditions of ticket sale by Munster Rugby


6 comments on “Voting completed to select a winner for the (prizeless) blog post title competition

  1. I know its a little late but ‘Munster Rolled over by Rolland’ might be worth consideration

  2. I hope I’ll be attending Munster games at her age, that’s if they don’t kill me first 😉

    • The quarter final on Sat should get the heart pumping for sure! Munster and the Red Army need to be up for it big time or it will be a very long 80 minutes. Hoping for another classic performance to be up there with the miracle match, Sale, Northampton and last seasons qtr final v Harlequins. Bring it on!

      • Fingers crossed, there was a hunger against Leinster that if you believe Penney was held back a bit but Zebo, Earls and JJ (hopefully from the start) could make it a day to remember 🙂

      • Amen to that! Earls has been super since his latest return from injury but we missed POM for sure against Leinster. Hope he is back and in barnstorming form as we will need that kind of aggressive defence and attack

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